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Why We Are Here Workshop #2, Hope for Sudan

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Hope for Sudan
Sunday 25.01.2015, 16:00
Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin
U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor

We are refugee activists from different groups or networks and we would like to tell you the story of our home countries.

The media often report about war and humanitarian problems in our states, but it is not easy to get proper information about the political situation and current political struggles in Africa and Asia. We would like to share in a different way and explain why our countries are called poor, even though everyone knows that they are full of resources, and why we need to support the struggles there in order to give a deeper sense of our struggles here.

Let’s build up international solidarity! Yallah!
Second workshop (Hope for Sudan: The role of nonviolent movements) organized by activists from: “Girifna” (Fed Up) movement, Sudan; Oranienplatz- Refugee Strike, Berlin; and “Wir zijn Hier” Refugee Movement, Amsterdam

Most people outside of Sudan hardly know anything about this country, absent of media attention. If the media reports at all, it reports about issues of war, hunger and dictatorship; rather hopeless and rather depressing. In their scenarios, most journalists and policy makers have thus far neglected the transformative potential of nonviolent social movements in countries like Sudan. The focus of attention has been on governments, economic elites and armed groups. The “Arab Spring” has been something of a wake up call in this respect. In the overview maps of “Arab Spring” uprisings however, Sudan is mostly not mentioned. Is there no hope for Sudan? And who could be that hope?


You will learn about:

  • Nonviolent movements
  • Womens’ rights violations
  • Militarization of education
  • Killings in the Nuba mountains
  • Politics and media in the dictatorship

Sudan WS Back Sudan WS front

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