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Khalid Idress Bahray, a 20-year old asylum seeker, got killed on Monday night in Dresden

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After he had gone out shopping, a neighbour found him dead, lying in a puddle of blood and wounded on Tuesday morning.At first, the police claimed that “external influence” can be excluded as a reason for his death. Contrary to this first statement, the police announced on Wednesday that it is now clear, that Khalid was stabbed. It was murder.

Friends of Khalid state that they are constantly afraid, because of the current racist mobilization through “Pegida” and that they are too scared to leave their place on Monday evenings, the time when the racists usually have their demonstrations.

He was found dead while 25,000 people demonstrating in an anti-Islamisation rally in Dresden the night before. The city has become a symbol of a new German anti-islamist and   anti-immigrant grassroots movement called PEGIDA in recent months.

How is it possible that through Residentsflicht, in Germany asylum seekers are forced to live in places that they dont feel safe, and police can not guarantee their safety? How long does we need to understand that #BlackLivesMatter ?

We express our deep sympathy for Khalil’s family and friends. We demand a transparent, serious and complete investigation of this serious crime!

Therefore we will meet on Thursday 15th jan, 9am – 6pm, in front of the Representation of Sachsen (Brüderstraße 11, U2 Spittelmarkt). Event on Facebook

Protestmarsch on Sunday, 18th  jan, 14.00h, Hermannplatz, Berlin Event on Facebook

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