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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

Demonstration against Boko Haram 17th January, 12pm, #Oplatz to Nigeria embassy

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Demonstration against Boko Haram 17.01.2015

on Saturday 17.01.2015 at 12:00 p.m.  – from Oranienplatz, Kreuzberg Berlin 36 to Nigeria Embassy

Boko Haram, are killing and bombing our brothers and Sisters, kidnaping 250 school-girls and bombing children-school in Nigeria,

Refugees from Oplatz are calling, come with your family and friends

show your support & international solidarity !
If you know any friends who is media, please invite him or her to come to the demonstration.

One love
thank you
African youth community Oplatz

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