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Germany: Solidarity with Nikos Romanos

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Germany: Solidarity with Nikos Romanos

On December 6, 2008 in Athens, when Alexandros Grigoropoulos (15) got killed by police bullets, Nikos Romanos was with him as his best friend. After Alexandros got killed, streets were in fire in Greece. Greek streets are in fire again. Now, it is not for a dead person, it is for whom wanted to be killed. Streets are burning in USA, Turkey and many other places all over the world. In these streets, poor people are getting killed, while government who kills them is free, friends and comrades of that people who died are being tried to get killed in isolated jails. That’s why streets are on fire from justice flames.

Greece is an EU member but because of Germany’s and other big countries’ policies of debts, Greece bankrupted. In crisis days, racist movements and political party got stronger. But in crisis and war times there is also a chance for revolutionist movements to grow. Revolutionist movements also got stronger in Greece. Because of that, Greek government is trying to build a new system of jail like F type jails in Turkey. There aren’t too much political prisoners in European countries but in Greece this number is increasing.

Greek government is trying to build C type full-secured jail system with the help of law. C type jail, is isolating and restricting prisoners. In whole Greece, 4500 prisoners had hunger strike against C type jails. Because of these hunger strikes, regulation for jails is postponed for now.

Nikos Romanos, who tried to rob a bank with his friends, is also in this type of jail. Romanos passed the exam for university but he is blocked to go to his university. Government wanted to give 500 Euros to prisoners who passed the exam for university but Nikos Romanos refused it. That’s why he is blocked. Nikos Romanos is in hunger strike for almost a month and he is being forced in hospital for intervention.

Big protests are being held in Syntagma Square for Nikos Romanos. Refugees from Syria are also joining to these protests who are in hunger strike in same square. There are solidarity protests for Nikos Romanos in Istanbul and all around the world. We had a solidarity protest in Oranienplatz resistance square where is always with people who are suffering from injustice movements.

We organized a discussion programme about isolation jails with a group of Greek people. They got shocked after hearing about resistance in Turkish jails.

It looks like freedom flames on streets will grow bigger against capitalist isolation system. Nikos Romanos’ friends who are also in hunger strike said these: “My last message is to people who “fight” from their chairs, intellectuals and spiritual individuals: I will be happy to get rid of from you.”

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