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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*

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*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*


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Today, Saturday, the 13th of December, at 14h we are holding a march for our beloved Sista Mimi who passed away on Wednesday 10th December, 2014.

We will start at Oranienplatz and walk to the Info Point of the school, where we will have a press conference.

Sista Mimi died last wednesday afternoon peacefully at a friend’s house. She had been battling an illness for already sometime. And although physically she was not in her best form, she has never stopped participating in all political activities or voicing her anger and discontent against this unfair world we are trying to transform into a better place.

We are glad that Sista Mimi was not at her home, in the school, on the day of her death. Because on this very same day the police had an arrest warrant and would have taken her in to custody.

At 5h they have entered the school unannounced with the excuse to support the district to free the emergency exits of the building which were barricaded in case of an eviction.

But after a few hours of this operation, we found out that they were actually there with the intention to arrest a group of refugees, including Sista Mimi, who live in the school and took part in the protest of the roof during last summer. The police could not find everyone they were looking for, but they found two refugee activists who are until now being kept in jail and we don’t even know under which accusations.

On Thursday as we were mourning the loss of Mimi in front of the school building, surrounded as we usually are by the police, they stroke again, arresting another refugee activist and leaving us all in a state of perplexity in the face of such disrespect and cruelty.

But none of these acts will intimidate us as it wouldn’t have intimidated Sista Mimi.

So today we are taking the streets again to march on her remembrance and also in solidarity with all victims of racism and police brutality.

We choose to celebrate the strong spirit of Sista Mimi on Saturday 13th of December in order to show our solidarity as well to the National March against Police Violence taking place in Washington D.C. and all around the world.

*For the end of the patriarchy!*

*Stop Violence against women!*

*Stop the criminalization of the refugee movement!*

*Stop Residenzpflicht*

*Stop Deportation*

*NO the eviction of the school!*

*Stop racism and racist police violence in Ferguson, Berlin and all over the world!*

*Bring your banners, candles and flowers!*

See you today.

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