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1st workshop Why we are here : Chad, 14/12/2014 4pm, Bethanien

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Dear freedom fighters,

A series of workshops on our homelands is starting. The first episode will be talking about the current political situation in Chad.

With these workshops, we want to inform people about the reasons why we are here in Germany. In the case of Chad, you might know that our president and dictator since 25 years wants to get “reelected” for the 5th time. However, the colonial exploitation of the resources of our country has been carried on since the independance of the country, in 1960. Since 2003, big petrol companies are drilling our oil: the incomes never reached the chadian population. Different people will also give some general information about the colonial history and geography of our country, in order to let curious european citizens understand more deeply the present of our country.

Also, we believe we can share a first-hand information with you on the actual political resistance of the Chadian opposition (in exile) and about the social situation in Chad, as we left our country, and thus witnessed the political catastrophee of the regime.

We would like to invite you to come to see our open workshop on sunday, the 14th of december at 4pm in the New York im Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Ubahn Görlitzerbahnhof.

The workshop will be given in arabic and english with live translation into english and french.

Please feel free to print out and share our flyer !

We will be very glad if you show interest into our workshop.
If you dont know how to come to the Bethanien, please call : 015216263589 for arabic and english and 01794069302 for french and german.

Contact 24hours :

Worldwide refugees movement's photo.
Worldwide refugees movement's photo.

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