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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

1st Call for a Coordinated Regional Refugee Community Assembly – The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany

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Dear Friends and Activists,
Iam sending this call to you for your discussions and comments from your  refugee group and community in your regions and to develop further  political exchange and platform for our common engagements to better the  situation of refugees in Germany. We are working to contribute to a successful network of a self-organized platform and the community initiatives to strengthen our unity and solidarity in Germany.
Stay me all well, Touch one touch all.
Osaren Igbinoba from The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena.

1st Call for a Coordinated Regional Refugee Community Assembly  in Germany – The VOICE Refugee Forum

We, the activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena, are keen to organize political workshops and seminars from the meetings of refugee activists in the regions of Germany to discuss about our work and the political situation in our home countries, and our struggle for a better situation of refugees here in Germany and beyond.

We are working to contribute to a successful network of a self-organized platform and the community initiatives to strengthen our unity and solidarity in Germany.

We are planning to initiate a German-wide assembly of refugees with other activists living in the refugee camps as we plan to start preparing a refugee convention to support the nationwide initiatives for “Refugee Community Agenda” in Germany.

If you want to be active to better the situation of refugees and to fight for justice and human dignity, we would like to invite you together with others from different refugee community initiatives to discuss and to exchange information on our demand for a humane treatment, normal life in freedom and in human dignity, and against the institutional and societal discrimination and racism in Europe.

Let us be in solidarity with the relatives of those who got lost or disappeared on their way to Europe as well as to unite our solidarity against any form of repressions of refugees in the camps, in the streets of Germany and Europe in general.

Let us unite against deportation, isolation and social exclusion in Lagers and containers!

Let us remember our brothers and sisters in our home countries, where the puppet regimes that are beholden to Western interests continue to oppress them. Let us denounce the exploitation of our resources by the European countries that are, at the same time oppressing us here in Europe!

We want to break the culture of deportation and isolation by breaking the silence on refugee abuses.

End to Injustice, insecurity and oppression of refugees in Germany!!!

End the Imperialist Wars, colonial injustice and neo-colonialism!
End Police brutality and racial profiling!
End of fear of deportation, racist discrimination and persecution!
End the Embassy deportation hearings!
End the Dublin II. III. Refugee Regulations!
End the Sinti and Roma – Gypsies Deportation Acts!
For a life in dignity for all!
For freedom of movement! For equal access to normal housing!
Unconditional access to work, study and free choice of residence!
Stop the deportations and close down all lagers and deportation prisons!
Abolish the Residenzpflicht – For Freedom of Movement for Refugees in Germany!

Stop all the Deportations and Abolish Deportation Prisons!! 

We demand for a new order of solidarity against the global apartheid of Europe.

Please spread this call to all the refugees and communities!

The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany, E-Mail:,

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