News of Berlin Refugee Movement – from inside

Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

Report from people of #ohlauer school

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Ohlauer Infopoint:

new time in ohlauer strasse

1- visitor stop   3 week: now no visitors
in ohlauer schule
illegal action coming from district
kreuzberg berlin against free men in
ohlauer schule
2. district violence is provocation and
aggression against free men in ohlauer
Ideas of the free men of the school:
1.Negotiation with the disctrict: we call
the district to speak with us! After our
first meeting didn’t work out free men in
the school want to have a meeting again
with the disctrict.
We are still interested in building our
international refugee center. For this we
ask for a meeting with the district –
come back into communication and
dialogue with free men in ohlauer schule!
2. Security: Injustice and illegal action
against free men in the ohlauer schule!
Security give wrong informations to the
neighbours and other people that passing
by, they refuse to free men living in
ohlauer schule to be inside in the school,
they are using force against the free men
in ohlauer strasse.
There are many accusations against free
men in the ohlauer schule in newspaper
because of informations give by the
security to the police.
2. Communication: We are calling the
supporters and the neighbours to come
together with us to organise our
activities in ohlauer strasse.
3. Our projects: We have a lot of ideas
and plans for projects
– first we want to open our social center
with an international office where
everybody can get information, food,
tea, meeting point for all refugees
– theater (in cooperation with the GRIPS
– restaurant/ café
– repair bikes/ bike shop
– t-shirt printing/ workshops
– art and artisanry
– barber
– music
– african culture

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