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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

Sleeping places for refugees needed!



Please spread this message!

After today’s new forced evictions, sleeping places are badly needed.

Please call – if you have any starting from tonight.
(Sleeping places team)

Bitte Nachricht weiterleiten!

Nach den heutigen Zwangsräumungen der Flüchtlinge, werden dringend Schlafplätze gesucht.

Bitte meldet Euch – wenn Ihr für heute Nacht einen Platz zur Verfügung stellen könnt.

7 thoughts on “Sleeping places for refugees needed!

  1. Hallo i want ask why they are deporting even assylum who have refused also deporting how long they will carry this operation … i want to ask can i marry with german women even i am assylum….

    • Hi kashijatt, please pardon I didn’t get the first part of the question …. I think they cannot hinder you from marrying anyone, german or whatever nationality, none of their business, I’d say ….best wishes max

    • Thanks for repky but i scare when i give all my paper for marry may b they depote me thats fir i m searching for legal advise

    • Ok I can understand that, but sorry I can’t give you any legal advice, I’ve got no clue about it. I’m really sorry! I think you should ask a lawyer or other professional person, best wishes.

  2. Hi first thanks .. Second I am one of deportation people and I want to help for case in independent organization .. I am not okay and I confused all things and go any where to help me but its difficult for that case so this German government decided to deport for .
    I have more problem but they dont respect and they dont wait to tell with my problems and every time they say if I ask qeustion u are deport person it must to wait until your deportation occoured .
    The law of deportation Is not included to deport if person have problems special for problems of health and other problems

    I can’t sleep all nights and days . I think always the time of my deportation and they say u are not here that’s so problem for me
    I become up and set person .
    I like to live there but I don’t know what they do that way.

    I come here to forget with my life before and I want to start new life here . I am youth .
    And profession is running
    If I live here may be I hope good with this country to reach coz I am youth and I can running 15 and 20 km and above kilometers .
    Please I want to connect with speacil organization to help with my case .. And also deportation helpers …
    Thanks you thank you all and all ………. This with my number 015213061086

  3. Hallo first thanks and thanks .
    Second I am deported person live in Germany speacil brandburg .
    So I want to help with this problem and this case .
    Coz I go any where but its hard for every one and local government with my case say always u are deport person and it must to wait time of your deportation . the case deport it can occurred if the person have all things normal of it become health with mind and all health normal . but I don’t have any health before I am okay but know I am not okay any time I think . 24 hours day and night I don’t sleep any time and I have so thinking with my deportation I am not okay person.
    Idont know how thing going on and what happened .. I come here to get life better then the other with my country . but I confused here all and all . I am youth and I want to start new life here but they dont respect any with me I am running person and I want to get more win with this country if I can .. The time I come here they dont gave chance ..
    Even with my health they dont do as well any time I go but they dont do anything … I have more problem with my self.
    Thanks ……. At all

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