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Press release: Hungerstrike, day 8

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We started the hunger strike after our place of resistance was destroyed with colonial methods. Today is the 8th day of hunger strike and another refugee has joined us. At the conference yesterday on the 15th of April at SO36 with the mayor of the district Monika Herrmann, she was confronted with many questions of the Refugees, because of promises she did not keep. The reactions of the people were so strong that she chose to leave the event, rather than answer the questions. Further, Monika Herrmann agreed to visit us at Oranienplatz, which she has yet to do.The following day she called in sick. The first of our demands has been fullfilled. The planning and organisation of the infopoint and circus tent for gatherings has already begun. The second demand to keep the occupied Gerhard-Hauptmann school as a self-organized social and political center has not been answered clearly. For the third demand, the acceptance of all refugee activists of the protest, we have an appointment with the senate on Thursday, 17th of april.   Until the second and third demands are fulfilled, and officially declared by the responsible persons to keep the school as a self-organized refugee center and the acceptance of all activists of our movement we will continue the hungerstrike.

 The hungerstriking Refugees of Oranienplatz



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