News of Berlin Refugee Movement – from inside

Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!


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We are asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, Europeans with a «migration background», we are all those who have no full citizenship. We are those who wear the label «not from here». Our real or supposed origin is an argument to deprive us of many rights. Yet our life is here, and like everyone else we just want to build a decent life for us and our families.

We are also human beings who refuse exploitation and discrimination. We decided to fight against it and those who oppress us, control us, exploite us, criminalize us.

We decided to organize a European caravan for equality, dignity and social justice. A caravan will therefore go from the largest number of European countries to Brussels (Belgium), where the European institutions are settled. By this action we want to give our own opinion and solutions to our own problems.

This caravan will also be a caravan for the memory! It will remind everyone that migration in the twentieth century provided entire armies of soldiers and workers who died on the front lines or worked to death for the benefit of European states.

The drama of hundreds of women, children and men who die each year in the Mediterranean See or in Lampedusa is only the most visible part of the failure of Europas repressive and restrictive migration policies.

Men, women and children are forced to exile for reasons related to wars (often supported and funded by the western governments) or by the consequences of structural adjustment policies imposed by international institutions to the populations of the south, always at the expense of the common good of these peoples. These lives are broken by the criminal enforcement of migration policies.

We believe that stopping the circulation of people by reinforcing the controls and the repression is just another illusion fooling public opinion and the citizens. Because migrating is a necessity. Particularly when one escapes war, starvation or poverty.

All this takes place in a context of economic crisis where the social rights of the working classes are being destroyed, one after the others. The rise of racism and discrimination against migrants, refugees or Roma, as well as the fierce exploitation of migrants’ labor force contributes to the general attack and lowering of workers rights and of all the lower classes of society. More than ever, we are being targtargeted blamed for every social and political problems.

 Therefore, we call all working, insecure and oppressed people to unite for more rights, for a world of peace and social justice, and to join massively our fight for our demands!

Equality and the end of competition between all!

The capitalist system uses our real or supposed divisions to install competition between us. Racism and differences of status are instrumentalized for this purpose. These divisions weaken us ; all equal, we are stronger!

Demands :

• Freedom of movement and residency

• Mobility for asylum seekers, against the Dublin trap (Residenzpflicht, residence requirement)

• Permanent documents, without criteria (not depending on working contracts)

• Same working conditions for all

• Stop the imimprisoningnd deportation of migrants

• Same political, social and cultural rights for all

Memory and dignity!

We come from countries that have been affected for decades by colonial and imperialist wars and policies of European governments. Therefore we demand the acknowledgment and a concrete compensation for these crimes.

Demands :

• Stop the EU imperialist policy (free market treaties , NATO wars … )

• Abolition of Frontex, Eurosur or other anti-migration policies

• Stop the violation of migrants and refugees or roma rights through the instrumentalizing of social welfare aiming at more surveillance

Social rights and social justice

More economical, social, cultural and political rights for all (demonstration, expression, vote).  Education, health and housing for all. Against racism and sexism.

Initiators: Movimento Migranti e Rifugiati (Italy) – Coalizione Internazionale dei Undocumented e Migranti CISPM (Europe) – Unione di Sindacale Base (USB) (Italy) – Collective Undocumented Paris 75 (France) – Collective Undocumented Belgium (Belgium) – International Legal Team (Germany) – Rete Iside Onlus (Italy) – Refugee Strike Oranienplatz Berlin (Germany) – Collective We Are Here (Netherlands) – Blocchi Precari Metropolitani (Italy)

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