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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

Refugees Welcome – Demo am 19.11. in Rostock

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Refugees welcome – solidarity with refugees!

Right wing action rises again in Germany…

Aufruf auf deutsch, Appel à manifester, احضار

Similar to 20 years ago we have constate racist agitation everywhere in Germany. Not only the NPD but also racist groups and civil initiatives agitate against giving refugees a place to live in their neigbourhood. They try to prevent places for refugees with hundrets of signatures, flyers and petitions or even juristic actions. Refugees are called with the common prejudges such as parasite, imposter or criminals and this way they get discriminated and criminilized. That these words are followed by concrete action prove the attacks with firework explosives towards refugee-camps in Güstrow in Oktober 2012, short time later in Waßmannsdorf (Brandenburg) or just recently in Arnstadt (Thüringen). The offenders often leave threats like „Lichtenhagen comes again“ or „Rostock is everywhere“ that refer directly to the racist progroms 21 years ago in Rostock-Lichtenhagen. For a couple of days the racist mob and Neonazis could riot in front of and in the house Vienamese workers and refugees were living in without any consequences by the political responsible. The neighbourhood was even applauding to these scenes and the mob could set fire in the house. Instead of supporting the aggrieved people and instead of fighting racism CDU/CSU, the SPD and the FDP set a de facto end to the right of asylum in Germany still during these days which finished finaly by the deportation-act 16a in may 1993. Similar to the beginning 1990ies today the politics show no interest and no motivation to set something against the racist agitation of citizens and Neonazis. They rather call refugees guilty for societies and social problems who simply want to profit from german social systems. The right of asylum is presented as not longer supportable because of the high costs. Today as in the 1990ies the medias also largly assist to the rising racist agitation. They generally see refugees as a problem, they use pejorive vocabularies and the are constructing waves of refugees. Headlines like „where to put all the refugees?“ are building up assumed menaces. In general the real circumstances for refugees in Germany and Europe are blinded out. Thats it is nearly impossible to get asylum in Germany while Europe is closing its borders for refugees, take not part of debate. The system of closed borders in Germany represented by the legal act 16a is completed by the european Dublin II-act, which force refugees to ask for Asylum in the state where the refugee touched european ground for the first time, with the result that the responsibility for refugees is pushed to the periphery of europe. But in states as Greece or Italy refugees are threatened by hunger, homelessness, police violence and no regular asylum-process. On the other side the determent policy of the EU grows, which has cost more than 18.000 refugees their lifes since 1990. With the Dublin-III act the EU decided, that it will be legal to put refugees after their dangerous escape in prison for years during.

Reality of the life of refugees – the daily racism and the hidden life

„With every step a refugee takes she_he can feel that she_he is a second-class human beeing.“ Turgay Ulu, refugee from Turkey and activist in the refeugee-protests in Berlin.

„In the moment I passed the border to Germany I was confrontet with a racist system which finds echo in every cell of this society“ Patras Bwansi, 34, refugee from Uganda, activist in the refugee-protetst in Berlin.

The actual social climate shows clearly that refugees are not welcome and the special legal regulations which exist since decades are forming the cruel daily life of the refugees in Germany: rufugees are kept miles from everywhere in isolation in owercrowded refugee-camps. This way they get invisible for the rest of the society. They are systematicly under-supplied and degraded. No right to leave the community they live in (Residenzpflicht), vouchers or food instead of money, no right of privacy, no right to work and constantly menaced of beeing deported cause physical and psychological problemes which can end up in suicide. With racist police-controls and administrative arbritrariness the state tries to keep refugees under control and  submits refugees everyday to this post-colonial system. Although refugees are now protesting for years state-wide and massive against these racist laws with demonstrations, hunger-strikes, and protest-camps their demands are not only consequently ignored by the politicians and the administration, but also criminalized.

Mecklenburg-Pomerania: racist agitation everywhere

„It took years and a lot of situations in life-danger to get to Europe and to get over the walls of this forteress to find security. But now we still live in in danger and permanent concern isolated from the society around us and prisioned in these camps. They hate refugees.“ Remsi, 17, refugee from Afghanistan, living since 28 month in the refugee-camp in Anklam.

Since last year in a  lot of places in M-V racist debates about the refugee-camps are rising. In Güstrow neighbours are agitating together with the nearby kindergarden-director with flyers and singing lists against the opening of the refugee-camp. In Torgelow, Eggesin, Blankensee and many other places citzens are enraging in public and massiv against the refugees who are forced by the administration to live in these places. The NPD uses these „calls for help“ by the citizens and the inactivity of the politicians for their own aims and organizes everywhere in M-V demonstrations in their well known racist and inhuman tone to agitate against refugees. They were not hiding their idoelogy when they wanted to march to refugee-camp in Wolgast with torches to enforce the racist atmosphere, just the day of the Reichsprogromnacht, which is a symbol for racist terror of the Nazis since 1938. As a speaker Michael Andrejewski among others steps into the scene who has been already part at the racist progroms in Lichtenhagen in 1992 by beeing responsible for the flyers in that time and in his position in the party „Hamburger Liste Ausländerstop“. These racist agitation was followed by racist actions: In Güstrow the still emty refugee-camp was attacked with botanioc acid and shortly after the first refugees moved in it was attacked with fireworks; and we also have to constate attacks in Wolgast and Anklam. The politics answers with silence, often more concerned about the towns image. Even confronted with this situation officials in towns and communities accent they would-be overcharged and it seems that they can not point out often enough that they do not voluteerly take the refugees. Some communities completely refuse to take refugees, others only see an economic benefit than a hunanitary act. The needs and the opinion of the refugees do not play any role at any point of he discussion although it is their life which is concened.

That is why we appeal to get to the demonstration the 19th of october in Rostock! Refugees are welcome!

„On the streets the people are getting together on the same level.“ Turgay Ulu

We want set something against the racist agitation and the arising racism. We also want to get solidary with the refugees and the victims of racist and Neonazi-violence. We appeal to you to support refugees in your area and to get organized together with them. Give them the opportunity to get to the demonstration! Get connected!

We shout out loud: „Refugees are welcome!“ And we support the demands of the refugee-protests: Abolish residenzpflicht! Abolish all lager! Stop deportations!

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