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Demonstration 26th/29th against Sudanese-German Government Conference

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To the press  and  to all activists:

We call for a demonstration against the sudanese-german government conference that is planed to take place in Berlin on the 26th and 29th january 2013.


Tuesday: 29th January 2013

  • 10h am meeting and rally at Auswärtiges Amt / Federal Forgein Office,  Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin (8.30h am meeting at Oranienplatz infotent to go there as a group)

Saturday: 26th January 2013

  • 11h am Press conference at at Oranienplatz/Berlin.

  • 15h pm Demonstration to the Sudanese Embassy                          

  • 14h           Meeting point at Oranienplatz (go together by U1 to Wittenbergplatz)
  • 15h           Starting of Demonstration at U WITTENBERGPLATZ to sudanese embassy

26.01.2013 – Demo to Sudanese embassy – press release

26.01.2013 – Demo to Sudanese embassy – Pressemitteilung

Please spread the call!             Together we are strong!

Berlin-Refugees on strike

Photos of the press conference:




later the 26.01. at Oranienplatz – camp there is a solidarity- Party for Jimmi C.                                                      He was attacked by fascists on his working place in a discothek in Berlin late December.    see calendar.                        flyer and details below:

26.01.2013 - Soliparty for Jimmi.C. - Flyer 26.01.2013 – Soliparty for Jimmi.C. (only in german)

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